Born in Geneva, Mara is French and Swiss. Passionate about Music and Art, it’s in 2016 that she discovers a real passion for dee-jaying and producing.

Graphic designer the day, she devotes herself to her true passion at night : music that quickly becomes her primary activity.

She moves to Paris in 2017 where she meets people who have the same interests as her : music, dance and cinema. There she could finally be herself and do the things she loves : work on her mix and producing skills and learn acting.

Mara is not a regular DJ, she brings the vibe. She cultivates an eclectic universe that goes from Hip-Hop, Trap, Futurebeats to House and Afrobeat. She loves to give energy to the crowd and the feeling of them giving it back. Her positivity and happiness is contagious and make people dance because it comes from the heart.

She has already played in most of Genevan clubs and some clubs in Paris as the New Casino, La Favela Chic and le Flow and she also plays for private events.